Saturday, March 6, 2010

Down the Rabbit hole

So, I saw Alice in Wonderland last night and despite what others have been saying, I LOVED it. I love that story anyways and I've always wondered why. After watching this film I realized it's because I love stories about children going into the world and returning as empowered beings. Its a great idea, and an idea that I think children should be told. They are capable. They will have to face the world and they will sometimes fail, but if they persist, they will return from their journey with a new strength.

Upon reflection, I thought of a couple of other movies that have similar ideas. These types of films are all some of my all time favorites as well.

Coraline is such a great movie on so many different levels. But I just love how independent she is and how the way she views the world changes as her journey progresses. I loved how the film took us along with her experience and little by little we saw her parents, her neighbors, and even the world around her change.

Matilda is another film that I have always adored. Its set in such a relatable world. School is a scary place, and I think we've all had moments when we've thought our parents didn't care. Plus, I love reading. I've loved to read since I was a little child. I think Matilda and I could have been friends.

Kiki's Delivery Service is another great film. I particularly like this one because Kiki's enemy isn't a huge dragon, or something symbolic of that sort. Instead, Kiki's challenge as she goes into this new world is simply to find a way to belong and be herself. It's something we all want. It's something we all relate to. Now, if only we could all fly, that would be awesome!

Some may call me overly optimistic, too forgiving,  or simple in my choice of films. But I'd rather like the good things in a movie and go away from it hopeful for what lies ahead in my own future than stand as an "unbiased" critic who cant get over the fact that the director failed to include such and such or didn't focus on so and so. If sophistication means not being able to see what I saw last night and enjoy it, then I'll stand on my own.

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