Sunday, March 21, 2010

Well, another Spring Break has come and gone. I had a really enjoyable one this year so I thought I would share some pictures. I didn't do anything particularly grand, nor did I leave town, but I was able to spend some good quality time with friends and Family.

To start things off, my parents and I started the yearly ritual that comes to those with green thumbs. It was time to prune our fruit trees. We usually get about two or three loads in the truck that we send down to the dump. Although its healthy for our trees, they don't seem to appreciate it and by the end of the day, we're full of cuts and scrapes.

I also got to see this:
You can read my almost 100% unedited review at They give me free tickets to review shows across the Valley and I just have to show up and write how I felt about it. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

What would spring break be without one last foray into the mountains to seek out the last of old man winter? While I am not one for winter sports, (you'll never see me in skis again after the great ski lift incident of 95) I decided to go snowshoeing with my sister and mom.  It was actually really nice. I am amazed that someone could create these contraptions that keep me up above the snow by making my feet bigger. Who knew?    

Although all this time with my family was fun and good, I got to do some fun things with my friends too. I judged a drama competition and got paid for it :), I had a nice little bonfire (the first of many), and  I saw An Education with my friends Nick and Jessy. All I can say is


It was so beautiful! And I think it had a really important message. I think its easy to see things in life and wish that we could have it right then and there. That things were easier and more fun. It's not meant to be this way. We have to learn. We have to struggle. It's part of the beauty of existence.

So that brings me to today. The last day of spring break. What would a break be without some cooking? For dinner my mom made her famous roasted pepper pasta and I got a chance to make these yummy Brioche rolls. There is something so blissful about cooking for others. I love it so much. If I wasn't going to school for theatre arts, you can bet your buttons I'd be a master chef. Oh well. Its a nice hobby. By the way, do those rolls look yummy? I'll post the recipe next time. 

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