Sunday, May 17, 2009

My first Semester at UVU

Cool stuff I found this Semester

Beriut- Gulag Orkestar
Carla Bruni
Camille-Le Sac Des Filles
Andrew Bird
Dear Science
Sufjan Stevens-Come on Feel the Illinoise
The Frogs
Evening Primrose

Gulag Orkestar

Marie Antoinette
Asterix and Obelix aux Jeux Olympics
Jules et Jim
Paris Je T'aime
Mon Oncle
Bon Voyage
Something Wicked This Way Comes

Cool places to go/eat
Used bookstore on Center Street in Provo

Plays and Books
Petit Nicholas
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Last Night of Ballyhoo
Fat Pig 
Mercy Seat
Floyd Collins
Home of the Brave
Offending the Audience
Enrico IV
Charlotte's Web
Almost an Evening
Hotel Cassiopeia  

Hotel Cassiopeia

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I saw Cirque Eloize perform yesterday with my brother in law. It was a great performance and was truly beautiful. I love shows like this because they always make me feel in a way that very few things are capable of doing. Here is an excerpt from my journal after the performance.
"There are moments when we see things that are pure beauty. Though we do not understand them completely, we feel something deep within ourselves resound and echo. There is so much about ourselves that we don't understand, and so much that we haven't even begun to think of understanding. There is a wisdom forgotten within our minds whose imprints surface in seeing such things. I think this is why I study theatre. It is wonderful to have these inklings and understandings, but is even more beautiful when I can see it on the faces of others and see them rejoice in the experiences I offer them. I dare not say I take joy in creating this experience, for I believe it is too deep and too... elemental, (for lack of a better word) than something I could create of my own will. It is rather an exchange in which I am a tool or device. I am happy to be that and be surrounded by the constant mystery and joy of this art."
I have had many "white doors" open to me this semester and I learned much from them in taking steps through. Here are some valuable things I've learned.
I. Serving a mission does not change everything. 
                         I thought I would come home and be a great student and really well organized all in one instant. You still have to work at things if you want to improve. We never can just wave a wand and make yourself incredible. 

II. Serving a mission does change some things.
The way I looked at the world was very different and I felt I was more receptive and creative because of the time I spent with the people of Quebec. The world suddenly became much bigger and there was much more to learn.

III. Take a risk whenever you can.
When I started my Acting I class, I decided I would push myself and do something unique and different each time I performed. Not to say it all worked, nor that I did anything incredible, but I wanted to push myself enough to not feel comfortable. It was great! I went to a handful of auditions that went both well and not so well, I got the lead in the Foreigner, and I performed scenes in my class where I played all sorts of different roles. Each one was a bit of a risk, but I did it, and now that it's over I can safely say that was one of the best classes I ever took.

IV. Expose yourself to the world in as many ways as you can.
Serving a mission helped me with that. I realized that if, for example, I wanted to create a great play, I need to be open to as many influences as possible. The more I know what's going on in the world around me, the better I can create a reflection of that world for those who watch.