Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Color and Light

I recently saw an amazing muisical by Stephen Sondheim called "Sunday in the Park with George". Its a fictitious musical about a real painter named George Seurat. It was a beautiful musical and its made me want to take up sketching again. I always flirted around with it and made copies of photos, but now I am actually reading books about method and learning to do it on my own. Its really amazing. After a few days my art has improved dramatically, (not to say it is anything great still but hey, an improvement is better than nothing) and its interesting noticing how I see the world. Light has more depth and quality. I see shapes and contours more, and the world feels more... living.
All of these things I'm feeling and noticing really convinces me that there is a creative wellspring in each person that just needs to be tapped into. Anyone can draw, and anyone can make art. Art is unique. It may be critisized by others, but thats of little to no importance. Creating art is not only about others. Its about changing the world around you and the way you see it. After one does that, then there is the hope that is affects others in a positive way and helps them glimpse into what you see. I don't know... I just think its cool.

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