Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Post In Which the Author Is a Little Vain, but Doesn't Quite Give a Damn...

What do you like about yourself, your physical self? It can be something small, but I think everyone should have something. No matter how the rest of them looks. There are those tiny little things that if they're doing all right, I can leave the house in the morning ready to take on the world. I don't think of it as vanity or narcissism. I just think that our bodies are so incredible and should be something we should be amazed at and thankful for. Me personally, I love my glasses; my hair; and my eyes.

I think glasses are amazing! I know people who are embarrassed to wear them, but I think they can make such a statement about someone. Eyes themselves are such beautiful, little marvels of nature, so what's wrong with putting a frame around that? I love em and they have continued to change as my personality has. My current specs? They're from a company called Anglo American Frames in England and are by far the most comfortable pair I've ever owned.
And yes, people ask me  about 4 times a day if they're real every time a Harry Potter movie is released.

Im also sort of in love with my hair. Its been a lifelong, arduous journey; we've had our fair shares of quarrels, but I've grown to love my curly mop of hair. It's been dyed blue, its been tied back, it's been chopped, and left dangling and I love every time I get to do something new to it. Right now its down to my shoulders, but future projects necessitate a 50's or 60's style cut. So we'll see how these curls fare under pomade and side parts.

What part of yourself do you love? What do you see in the mirror that makes you happy? I think everyone has at least one thing, and its important to know what that is. Because even if others don't notice it, or even don't like it, it's your life and your body; enjoy what you have while you have it.


Brooke said...

I've always been a fan of your curly mop as well! As for me, I love my eye color and eye lashes. Whenever I think about my hazel eyes, I think of the Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and the line "The girl with kaleidoscope eyes". And as for my eyelashes, I always get asked if I'm wearing fake eyelashes or had eyelash extensions.

P.S. I'm in love with those glasses!

you know, after the Bread song said...

I have a beauty mark under my eye on my right cheek, and another mole on the outside of my left thumb.

Haley said...

I love this post Dan-Dan :) We all need to be reminded that we're not perfect and to just appreciate and acknowledge the little things about us that make us... us :) Personally? My freckles are pretty freaking sweet, not gonna lie haha